About Us

Siccardi Design is a design and communications group directed by Alejandro Siccardi, with 20 years of experience in the field of corporate identity, branding, communications, packaging, signage, publications and digital.


We believe that growth is achieved when an organization has a clear strategy and offers experiences that generate the preference of the clients. We do it through a combination of strategy, creativity, design and technology that helps drive the growth of our clients’ brands and businesses.

Research and

Through research and strategic assessment, we involve ourselves in each client’s project. With this knowledge as a platform we ensure that the result is the most effective possible

Conceptualization and Design

It is through the conclusions drawn that we arrive at the leading concept to approach the design process. Taking into account the client’s feedback, we perform a strategic analysis of the proposal in accordance with technological, cultural and business considerations.

Delivery and Implementation

The final design is documented and specified to guarantee its faithful implementation. In many cases we supervise the development in order to facilitate optimal execution.